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Unit 1 Reading Scoring Scale

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Unit 1 Grade 7 Scale



Success Criteria



Students will be able to:

Explore how a theme is developed in multiple stories comparing and contrasting them



In addition to level 3.0 Performance, partial success at level 4.0 content.



Students will be able to:

Can analyze how literary elements such as setting and character, contribute to the theme, or themes, in literature



No major errors or omissions regarding Level 2 .0 content and partial success at school 3.0 content.



Students will recognize and recall specific vocabulary including:

protagonist, antagonist, setting, plot, theme

Students will be able to:

Identify theme, setting, plot, protagonist, antagonist in a short story or mentor text

Describe strategies for creating theories about characters- such as, interactions, motivations, and internal thoughts.

Describe strategies to relate character to theme.



Partial success at level 2 .0 content, and major errors or omissions regarding the level 3.0 content.



With help, partial success at level 2.0 content and level 3.0 content.



With help, partial success at level 2.0 content, but not at level 3 content.



Even with help, no success



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