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Computation Station 2x2 Multiplication

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Station 1: Computation  (10 minutes MAX) 


Learning Target - I can accurately multiply 2 by 2 digit numbers.

Complete the 10 questions at your table and check your work with the key once you are done. Leave your corrected work in the basket and highlight your name on the roster left at your station.


If you get stuck, watch this tutorial on how to multiply 2 by 2 digit numbers. Take notes in your reference section by copying everything you see being written down in the video. 


Student’s will be:

Teachers will be:

Completing the activity within 10-15 minutes.

Contributing to a working environment by keeping volume low, engagement high, and focus on learning.

Staying at their desk.

Working with the peers at their station.

Cleaning up after themselves so the station is ready for the next group.

Building stamina. 

Giving mini lessons.

Working in small groups.

I know I have met today’s learning target when I can accurately multiply 2 by 2 digit numbers.


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