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Converting Fractions into Decimals - Independent Practice

Page history last edited by melissa cribby 7 years, 2 months ago

7NS3 Learning Target: I am able to convert a fraction into a decimal.


Activity: Roll dice 10 separate times. Depending on which dice you are using;

Numerator = Black; Denominator = White OR Inside number is the numerator and the outside number is the denominator.


Convert each fraction into a decimal (show your work in your notebook) and then create a “T Chart” to categorize each quotient as rational or irrational.


Keep your work in your notebook but make sure it is organized and easy to follow as a teacher will be discussing your work with you.


Student’s will be:

Teachers will be:

Completing the activity within 5-10 minutes.

Contributing to a working environment by keeping volume low, engagement high, and focus on learning.

Staying at their desk.

Working with the peers at their station.

Cleaning up after themselves so the station is ready for the next group.

Giving mini lessons.

Working in small groups.

I know I have met today’s learning target when I can accurately convert fractions into decimals.


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