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Demonstrate your Knowledge (Packets, Pre Post Tests)

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Learning Targets:  7NS1/7NS2/7NS3 Using order of operations to simplify multi-step equations. 

7RP1 /7RP2 Identifying Proportional Relationships with a focus on Constant of Proportionality 


Demonstrate Your Knowledge of Class Learning Targets.


Student’s will be:

Teachers will be:

Completing the activity within 5-10 minutes.

Contributing to a working environment by keeping volume low, engagement high, and focus on learning.

Staying at their desk.

Working with the peers at their station.

Cleaning up after themselves so the station is ready for the next group.

Using their Reference Section if needed.

Giving mini lessons.

Working in small groups.

I know I have met today’s learning target when I can provide evidence of my productivity upon request. 



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