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Social Studies

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10/22/2018 Plan


Mr. Beede is out! Oh no! Don't panic. Do this:


• Read and take a set of bulleted notes on this article: Voting Age


• Turn in your notes and a few (3-5) quality questions here: SS Writing Turn-in Form


• Watch CNN10 or read a Times Record, then independent read.




Research Skills Goals.pdf



SS Writing Turn-in Form


Summarization Handout


Future Smart Glossary


Quick Check


Economics Preassessment


Sources of Universal Truths:


               "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings"  




Summary Skills Check


"Big Q's" for weekly current events assignment.


Historical Fiction Unit


Historical Setting Research




Holocaust p1

Holocaust p2




Fast Food NEWSELA Article




√'s and Balances Reading!


Readings for 10/23: Kids and Screen Time & The drug-like effect



Citizenship Reading 10/11


Mayflower Compact


Examining the Mayflower Compact


9/20 current event: Protests in St. Louis


9/12 current event: Feeding Rural Kids


Notes on notes:


  • essential information
  • VERY short, no unnecessary words
  • categorize
  • bullets, t-charts, lists, 
  • incomplete sentences
  • supporting facts, details (i.e. a stat)
  • abbreviate or paraphrase
  • own words
  • important quote: use “ … ”
  • 5-10 notes per source page



China Geography Reading


United Nations World Regions


US Climate Map


United States Regions Organizer


Geography Demo #1 (REGIONS, terms):



demography, "Lower 48," population density, urban, rural, topography, climate, biome, arid, irrigation, coniferous, watershed



Continents and Oceans ID (and more!)


ID the world regions


Match the country with the region game


Geography Pre-assessment



Try any of the games on the website below!







Everfi is offering a $1,000 scholarship for kids who have completed FutureSmart curriculum! Entries must be completed by 1/20/2017. Apply HERE


Con Minimum Raise OP/Ed


Pro Minimum Raise Op/Ed


Newsela Article Minimum Wage


Scarcity Demo Vocab:


durable goods


peer pressure


opportunity cost














other products

assembly line

consumer service

industrial service

factors of production

free market



Use this link for an explanation for supply and demand curves:




After viewing the above link, click on "next video" to view one about demand curves.


The Geography Bee is coming! Go here to start practicing and a daily quiz.



Demo Vocab Lists


Supply and Demand Vocab









Equilibrium Point



Essential Needs


Market Economy & Entrepreneurship Vocab:





command economy

resources (human, capital, natural) 









Another Learning Goal:


Students will be able to explain the concepts: market economy, entrepreneurship, and supply and demand.




Hi, everyone! Sorry to be away today, but I think you will enjoy the new unit we will begin in my absence! We will be piloting an online economics course that is a simulation. It plays like a game! You make choices that lead to consequences and force you to understand situations in order to succeed. Sounds kinda like becoming an effective citizen, huh? Today I would like you to register at the link below and work you way through the first two lessons, "Welcome Mayor" and "Smart Shopping." I can see your responses and how you perform the tasks, so do your best! I am going through the course just like you, and it is fun!


Here are the class codes to use for your SS classes. Copy and paste the appropriate class code in when prompted. Use the "Everfi Registration" link below to get started. Enjoy. 


NameCurriculumClass CodeNumber of StudentsActions
A FutureSmart 4272103b 0 Manage View Students Hide Class
B FutureSmart 94d1843e 0 Manage View Students Hide Class
C FutureSmart d069d27a 0 Manage View Students Hide Class
D FutureSmart e9b0e214


Everfi Registration


Thanks for being awesome! -Mr. Beede





Summary Chart


Civics Assessment


Today is a current event reading and thinking day. Use the following link to find recent articles about race relations and protests that have been going on in the United States.




(Join Mr. Beede's class! Block A: 48P479, B: A29WEN, C: JCB6JR, D: MHF64V)


Select 3 articles to examine and answer the following question in your Social Studies notebook: How do the recent events in the article relate to the big ideas we've been learning about relating to civics and government?




Why do we have the form of government we do?

     To begin writing, reflect on some or all of these questions:


What is our form of government in the United States?

How does it operate?

What are some of the basic rules or principles of the US government?

How did our system develop historically? ... philosophically?

What is the purpose or are the roles of our government in our country?

Is that different from the way other governments work?

Is the US system better than what has existed for governments at other times or places?

How does the US deal with some of the challenges of governing?

Who has the power?

How do people get power here in the US? 


Demo 1 Terms:


• constitution

• amendment

• first (amendment)

• branch

• federal

• bill

• military

• responsibility

• Congress

• SupremeCourt


Demo 2 Terms:


  • state of nature
  • population
  • border
  • independent state
  • tabula rasa
  • sovereign
  • social contract
  • life, liberty, and property
  • United Nations
  • policy
  • order


Demo 3 Terms:























Demo 4 Terms:


Magna Carta

Mayflower Compact

Declaration of Independence

Preamble (of the Constitution)

Self Rule

Limited Government

Due Process

Rule of Law

Freedom of Expression

Common Good



Skit #1: Order and Security Roles: Friend #1 Friend #2 Robber Officer Summary: Two friends are attacked by a robber on the street. After searching for half an hour, they finally find a police officer. The police officer doesn’t know how to help them. Even when the officer catches the robber, there is no jail where the officer can keep the robber, and the officer does not have the skills to figure out what is going on. The officer suggests the injured friend seek justice through a local council instead of in the court system.


Skit #2: Legitimacy Roles: Builder Friend #1 Friend #2 Friend #3 Summary: One person is building a house while a friend sits and reads the newspaper. When another friend arrives and questions whether the roof looks legal, the builder laughs at the laws that are in place. The laws were borrowed from a different country and do not make sense in this country. But the lawmakers don’t care what the citizens need and aren’t interested in listening. A third friend arrives, who is breaking the law with his smelly car. But the law is stupid and impossible to follow, so why try?


Skit #3: Checks and Balances Roles: President Legislator #1 Legislator #2 Legislator #3 Summary: The President’s friend wants a new law that will help his business make more money. The President asks the legislature to pass the law. He assures the legislators that Bob Smith will reward them for their cooperation. Nobody is worried that the law won’t hold up because the court system is too disorganized. Even if someone does take the law to court, the President or the legislators can just bribe the judges.


Skit #4: Equal Application of the Law Roles: Judge Thief Officer Town Mayor Summary: After sentencing a thief to five years of hard labor for stealing potatoes at the market, the judge finds the town mayor waiting in his office. The mayor had a problem at the market, too. He lost his temper with a vendor because of the vendor’s high prices. The mayor broke things in the vendor’s shop and broke the vendor’s arm. Because of the mayor’s position, the judge agrees to overlook the offense.


Skit #5: Procedural Fairness Roles: Jail Guard Prisoner #1 Prisoner #2 Prisoner #3 Summary: Three prisoners end up sharing the same cell. One prisoner has been in prison for two years without being told why and without ever seeing a judge. Another prisoner is taken to court after spending only a short time in jail. There is no clear reason why that prisoner gets to go to court when the other one did not. A third prisoner has been jailed for not being able to pay the court fee. The court fee is decided by the judge on a case-by-case basis. 


Skit #6: Access to Justice Roles: Tamara (woman with a problem) Robert (Tamara’s male friend) Angela (Tamara’s female neighbor) Court Clerk Man (Files a case in court) Summary: Tamara wants to take a man to court for refusing to stop farming her land, but the local court is almost always closed. The nearest court is in the capital city, but Tamara can’t afford to travel that far. When the local court opens for a day, Tamara thinks she’ll be able to file her case. But women are not treated the same as men, and as a woman, Tamara did not get enough schooling to be able to read the forms. Without access to justice, Tamara has no way to enforce her rights.


Limiting Government reading&activity


Who Rules Reading  "Who Rules Activity"


The Sovereign State Reading



Check this out! We're asking a new big question today.

Why do we have governments anyway?

This will help us get started.

Why Government Reading











Inuit Mussel Gatherers video



Geography Assessment 2


Continents Game link:  


Oceans Game link:  


Major Countries of the World


Rivers Game link:  


Seas Game link:  


Mountain Ranges Game link: 

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