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Human Body

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FROG DISSECTION - Check this out!


 *Input Resources with a star next to them have to be done, the others should be done :)




Use these to get information when you are working ahead or when you need to review a skill or concept.


Do these activities and practice exercises to improve your skills and show proficiency.

C3A) I can describe the structure and function of the excretory system.

*Excretory video

*BrainPop (Urinary System)

username: brainpopmams

password: mams


*Webpage (to go with Word Search)

*Urinary System Video

Must Do’s

Biology quiz


Word Search

This site will help! 


The Excretory System


Fill-in-the-blank Excretory.pdf


More Practice

Fun Basketball game

C3B) I can describe the structure and function of the digestive system.

*Digestive System Article (Use this article to get ready for Kahoot Challenge!)

 Brainpop Movie

username: brainpopmams

password: mams

Digestive System Slideshow

*Digestion Game - Make sure you read as you play so that know what to do!

Khan Video

How the Digestive System Works in a Human Body (from the inside).- This is a pretty “graphic video” of the inside of your body.  


inside-out-anatomy-digestive.pdf  Just added this on 3-20 thought it would help for the check-in 

Must Do’s

Kahoot (Do as Class)

Digestive Quiz

Brainpop Quiz

Label The Digestive System

Parts of the Digestive System.pdf

More Practice

Brainpop Game

Digestive Game (Level 2)

Guts & Bolts

Digestive System Crossword.pdf

C3C) I can describe the structure and function of the respiratory system.

*Respiratory System Video

Respiratory System video

3D Animation of the Respiratory System

Get a Better Understanding of the Respiratory System

*Details About the Respiratory System


Ten Question Respiratory System Quiz

Millionaire Game

Labeling Game

More Practice

Respiratory System Activities

Basketball Game

Inside the Human Body

C3D) I can describe the structure and function of the nervous system.


*Nervous system video



 School House Rock

Live science

*video on nervous system 

Must do:

Nervous System Lab (Done as a class)

Brainpop quiz

Kids health quiz


A Bundle of Nerves.pdf


More practice:

Matching Game

Cool Site to Check out  
C3E) I can describe the structure and function of the muscular system.  

What are muscles

username: brainpopmams

password: mams

Watch the Slide Show and take the quiz

          Name the muscles game

   Muscular Video # 2 Watch up to 5:00 minutes

Must Do’s

Muscle Quiz

Main parts of the muscles - add word bank

Muscular System Flashcards

More Practice


Word search

Know your muscles - easy

The muscular system game - this is a good challenge :)

Poke a muscle - this is also a good challenge to really get to know the muscles.



What is a mind map/ concept map?



Game Mechanics List

Board Game Geek


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